about the 25th of january in egypt ..!!!

25th of January is the national day of Police Egypt..

the day of anger.

the day egyptians stood up for what they want.

and for the first time the egyptians stand and say what they want.

there were many matryes on this day and we all felt afraid .




A place i want to visit !!<3

i wish to visit palastine.

An unusal day …!!

—–> one day last year, it was the most unusal day in my life. I got in a silly problem, the it turned in a terrible day. the silly problem, it was at school, me and my friend stayed after school and we forgot our bags in school and the door as closed. so, in this case we had to go to the principle, they called our parents and they came to take us from school. later, that day my brother had an accident and his leg was broken and they took him to the hospital and he stayed there for a month and the day of the accident was a  terrible day ..=C

this is my first post


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